The Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League stage 1 in Australia was hosted by Don Grant from RockHard in Benigo in coordination with Jad Marinovic the IKMF Representative on the 17th May, 2015.

The IKMF Ultimate Girevik Cup is a championship league held over 3 Stages/ Seasons, giving the athletes the possibility to develop their skills and performance along the whole year. Click here for more information https://www.facebook.com/kettlebellmarathon



Click here to see results from around the world: https://kettlebellmarathon.wordpress.com/results-2015/ Ultimate Girevik Cup IKMF Half Marathon League Stage 1 2015 Australia Results!

LC Men ( >90KG )

Name Country Stage 1 KB weight Points BW
Don Grant Australia 290 24 580 90
Sam Murray Australia 352 24 704 90
Brigge Ruty-hooley Australia 289 16 289 90

Snatch Women ( <60kg )

Name Country Stage 1 KB weight Points BW
Maxine Smith Australia 612 8kg 612 -60

LC Women ( 60kg-70kg )

Name Country Stage 1 KB weight Points BW
Hayley Lethlean Australia 305 16 610 70
Jenny Fletcher Australia 276 16 552 70
Danielle Stevenson Australia 220 16 440 70

Jerk Women ( <60kg )

2 Hour Super Kettlebell Marathon World Record

Jadranka Marinovic Australia 2789 Jerks with 8kg

Jad Marinovic 2015 Super Marathon World Record!

Jad Marinovic 2015 Super Marathon World Record!

Kettlebell Marathon at the “Melbourne Kettlebell Athletica World Grand Prix Championship” at the 1st Arnold Classic Australia!

Kettlebell Marathon at the 2015 Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne World Grand Prix which at the 1st Arnold Classic Australia. In 2014 Jad Marinovic became the official Kettlebell Captain of the Arnold Classic and official sponsor of the Kettlebell Sport competition event.


The Arnold Classic KBA/WKCA WGP Championship was open to lifters Australia wide and around the world to all federations, unions, associations, countries, communities and clubs who promote kettlebell sport. For the first time ever in Australia a Kettlebell Sport competition was part of the 1st ever Arnold Classic Australia. This event included all the events on the Ketacademy ranking table including the kettlebell Marathon to show case the sport to the World. Jad Marinovic competed in the half marathon event lifting a16 kg for 30 minutes while 3 teams competed in the Kettebell Relay in Jerk, LC and Snatch discipline!

Arnold Classic Website: www.arnoldclassic.com.au