4th Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne Classic Competition on Dec 8th at Kettlebell Athletica hosted by Jad Marinovic!

Best Female & Male Lifter in Kettlebell Marathon

Gemma Deavin Half Marathon (30 min) 12 kg LC 385 points 1st & Rank 2

Josh Huyser Half Marathon (30 min) 16 kg 585 LC points 1st & Rank 1



June 22, 2013, 2nd Kettlebell Athletica Marathon GS Competition / KETAcademy ranking table Launched (1st time in World)!

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2nd Kettlebell Athletica GS Competition in the 1 hour Kettlebell Marathon this past weekend on June 22nd, 2013. This KBA Competition meet was conducted under the new KETAcademy ranking table so lifters were able to achieve ranks. Competition results below

Jadranka Marinovic 1 hour 16 kg Long Cycle 780 reps, Master of Sport & NEW WORLD RECORD

Daniel Hutchinson: 16 kg Long Cycle, 826 reps


Sergey Rachinskiy Jerk 24 kg 1222 reps

Adam Vahratian 16 kg Jerks, 625 reps

Danko 16 kg Jerks reps

30 minute Josh Huyser 16 kg Jerks, 846 reps

Big thank you to everyone who supported this event!