IGSF Kettlebell Marathon Championship!

First Australian to compete in a kettlebell Marathon Championship representing Australia is Jadranka Marinovic. She made history becoming Australia’s 1st kettlebell Sport marathon Champion at the IGSF 1 hour Kettlebell Marathon championship in Milan June 12th, 2011 where she set a new world record and qualified for the highest rank MSIK performing 546 repetitions with 16 kg in the Jerk discipline. Website: Italian Girevoy Sport Federation http://www.ghirisport.it/regolamento3.html

ICKLM First World Olympiad of Weight Lifting Masters!

Jad Marinovic wins and sets a new official women’s world record in the half marathon at the ICKLM First World Olympiad of Weight Lifting Masters, Aug 8th 2011 lifting 16 kg for 30 minutes performing 523 repetitions in the Jerk discipline.