The calendar of the ACM “Vityaz” competitions for 2017.

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1. The Cup of Russia ASM “Vityaz”. February.

2. World Cup AFM “Vityaz” on March 17-19 (Moscow).

3. Cup of the North-West ACM “Vityaz” in memory of Klimov Klim. April (Cherepovets).

4. World Championship AFM “Knight” May 19-21 (Moscow).

5. Festival of a healthy lifestyle Badyufest. July. (Moscow).

6. Championship of the Republic of Bashkortostan ASM “Vityaz”. September (Ufa).

7. Russian AFM Championship on bench press and deadlift without equipping the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Dzakhmishev M.Sh. October. (Nalchik).

8. European Cup ACM “Vityaz” them. Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny. October (Moscow).

9. Open championship of St. Petersburg on power sports. November. (St. Petersburg).

10. European Championship ACM “Vityaz” named after V.Kravtsov 21-24. December (Moscow).

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