Kettlebell Marathon event:

The Kettlebell Marathon is an event that lasts for either 30 minutes which is called the Half Marathon, 1 hour or longer performing Jerk, Snatch or Long Cycle discipline. One of the main differences from the traditional 10 minute set is that the athlete can switch hands as often as they like but you are not allowed to put the kettlebell down.

Timeline – The Australian Story


JUNE – IGSF  Kettlebell Marathon Championship!

First Australian Women to compete in an International  kettlebell Marathon Championship representing Australia is Jadranka Marinovic. She made history becoming Australia’s 1st kettlebell Sport marathon Champion at the IGSF 1 hour Kettlebell Marathon championship in Milan June 2011 where she set a new world record and qualified for the highest rank MSIK. Click here for her results

AUGUST – 1st ICKLM First World Olympiad of Weight Lifting Masters!

Jad Marinovic wins and sets a new official women’s world record in the Half Marathon at the ICKLM First World Olympiad of Weight Lifting Masters, Aug 2011 lifting 16 kg for 30 minutes. Click here for her results.



Kettlebell Marathon Event

Kettlebell Athletica officially organised the first KBA Kettlebell Marathon competition raising money for charity in February 19th, 2012 in Melbourne Australia. Kettlebell Marathon participants raised money for charity lifting for Matea who was in a coma.


Sergey Rachinskiy, HMS, MSWC, Honored Coach of Russia, 9-time World Champion, 12-time Champion of Russia lifting the 32 kg kettlebell for 30 minutes without stopping performing a total of 413 jerks. This was the first time two international participants, Russian World Champions Sergey Rachinskiy and Sergey Rudnev lifted in a kettlebell marathon in Australia. Click here for results!


Jad Marinovic becomes the official KETAcademy representative in Australia and launches the KETAcademy ranking table in the 2nd Kettlebell Athletica Marathon competition in June, 2013 which was the first in the world!

Jad Marinovic made history achieving the Ketacademy kettlebell Marathon Master of Sport rank which was a 1st in the world, and also officially broke a LC World Record by 40 reps with 16 kg.

Sergey Rachinskiy lifted a 24 kg for 1 hour setting a new record. Click her for results. Click here for results!



On the 8th of December, 2013 Kettlebell Athletica organised competition No 3, the Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne Classic Competition which included the kettlebell marathon non-traditional event plus all the classic 10 minute traditional events on the ketacademy ranking table. Click here for Results!

In 2013 Jad Marinovic becomes the official Australian Representative for the International Kettlebell Marathon Federation ( IKMF) and the “Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League”



The 2014 Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne competition is now an international event since Kettlebell Athletica became the official partner club with The “World Association of Kettlebell Clubs” to organize the “1st International Kettlebell Sport World Grand Prix Australia Leg. The world grand Prix is being held by organizing club competitions in different countries around the world according to the calendar of WKCA. kettlebell Marathon included the 1 hour and 30 minute events. Click here for results.


October – Jad Marinovic sets new World record TALC 1 Hour 522 Reps! First girl in world to lift doubles for an hour in a kettlebell marathon event officially recognised by IKMF!


Kettlebell Marathon at the 2015 Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne World Grand Prix which was at the 1st Arnold Classic Australia. In 2014 Jad Marinovic became the official Kettlebell Captain of the Arnold Classic and official sponsored the Kettlebell Sport event.

The Arnold Classic KBA/WKCA WGP Championship was open to lifters Australia wide and around the world to all federations, unions, associations, countries, communities and clubs who promote kettlebell sport. For the first time ever in Australia a Kettlebell Sport competition was part of the 1st ever Arnold Classic Australia. This event included all the events on the Ketacademy ranking table including the kettlebell Marathon to show case the sport to the World.

Kettlebell Marathon and Kettlebell Relay Triathlon!



The Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League stage 1

The Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League stage 1 in Australia was hosted by Don Grant from RockHard in Benigo in coordination with Jad Marinovic the IKMF Representative on the 17th May, 2015.

The IKMF Ultimate Girevik Cup is a championship league held over 3 Stages/ Seasons, giving the athletes the possibility to develop their skills and performance along the whole year. Click here for more information here for results!

The 1st IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championship!

Jad Marinovic becomes Australia’s 1st Kettlebell Marathon World Champion representing Australia Team winning Gold and breaking World Record!

The Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League stage 2!

The Ultimate Girevik Cup, IKMF Kettlebell Half Marathon League stage 2 in Australia was hosted by Jad Marinovic from Kettlebell Athletica in Melbourne at Advantage Fitness Oct, 2015.

2015 UGC Stage 2!

2015 UGC Stage 2!


The 2nd Arnold Classic Australia “KBA Melbourne Open Championship” which is stage 5 of the WAKSC Grand Prix!

Kettlebel Marathon at the 2nd Arnold Classic Australia “KBA Melbourne Open Championship” which is stage 5 of the WAKSC Grand Prix!

2nd Arnold Classic Australia

“Moscow World Cup “ASM Vityaz”!

Jad Marinovic competed in the ASM “Vityaz” 2016 Moscow World Cup 2016 and creates history achieving the 1s MSIC Rank in Australia with 24 kg!

World Cup Moscow

World Cup Moscow

IKMF 2nd Kettlebell Marathon World Championship!

A Huge Congratulation to the IKMF Team Australia athletes Don Grant Head Coach, Melanie Harris Team Captain, Jen Fletcher, Hayley Lethlean, Maxine Smith, Angela Brown, Sam Murray, Adam Waters, Sam Murray and Georgia Welsh who represented Australia in Denmark and all achieved outstanding results which include 4 x World Records and MSWC ranks , 2 x CMS at the 2nd 2016 IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championships in Denmark! Click here for Results!

2nd IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championship in Denmark!

2016 2nd IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championship in Denmark!

Kettlebell Sport History

Kettlebells were originally a Russian agricultural weight used in the market place to measure grain, and dates back to the times of the Russian Czars in the 18th Century. The word ‘Girija’ was first published in a Russia dictionary in 1704. It was in the 1940’s when kettlebell sport was developed in rural areas and Soviet military groups in the former USSR. This was the era when kettlebell sport competitions were being held by strongmen, the army and the navy which ha no time limit and since has evolved into the modern sport of kettlebell lifting. In 1966 GS was officially included in the military. Kettlebells are also used as an assistance exercise for strength and endurance for other competitive sports like boxing, wrestling, and fencing, etc.


The first official kettlebell sport competition took place in 1948 in Moscow, and in 1993 the 1st World Championship was in Lipetzk Russia. In 1974 it was declared the Ethnic sport of Russia. Official rules, weight classes and events have been evolving over the years. In 1989 the 10 minute time limit was introduced. It has since spread beyond the former Eastern Bloc countries to Western Europe, Asia, America, Canada, and Australia, and is gaining popularity becoming the fastest growing sport around the world. In 2014 the IUKL World Championship of Girevoy Sport was held in Hamburg (Germany) on the 20th – 24th November with 550 participants from 35 countries. The competition included Professional, Amateur, Junior and Veteran divisions. Kettlebell Sport is for all age groups. This year is also the first IKMF Kettlebell Sport Marathon Championship which is an association formed in 2013 to focus on the non-traaditional events of kettlebell sport.

Since spreading around the world different associations have introduced new events, rules and regulations including the kettlebell marathon events. Some new events include LC and Biathlon for women and snatch only for men and most recently LC and Biathlon for women lifting two kettlebells. Professional women lift 24 kg and men 32 kg.